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Learn-AT Launch Event, August 2016

Members of staff, school governors and Learn-AT trustees gathered for an inspirational conference in Meadowdale Primary School’s Sports Hall on Thursday 25th August, ahead of the official launch date on 1st September 2016.
Trustees, headteachers and staff members shared their vision and aspirations for Learn-AT. Speakers from across the trust stressed a commitment to excellence both in pupil learning and professional learning. Jessica Springett, Early Years Practitioner from St Andrews, shared thoughts about the opportunities for support staff development. The keynote speaker was Dame Alison Peacock.
Learn-AT is founded on one core purpose - learning - and one core value - fellowship. This school-led trust is committed to working together in the service of local children and families.
Stef Edwards, headteacher at Great Bowden Academy and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Learn-AT, said: ‘If we want flourishing, engaged children who love and value learning, we need flourishing, engaged adults …Learn-AT will prioritise professional learning because we put such an emphasis on pupil learning…we will do this important work on learning with generosity of spirit, in collaboration, in fellowship with one another. We will do it together.’

Vocal warm ups with Tracey Holderness