About Learn-AT

Learn-AT is a Diocese of Leicester multi-academy trust, with majority Diocesan representation on the Members’ Board. The Trust comprises both Church of England and community primary schools. Learn-AT is committed to supporting and nurturing the distinguishing characteristics, identity and values of each Academy, while acknowledging that the strength of the Trust lies in professional and disciplined collaboration. Success does not mean increased isolation. Each academy is likely to be a giver and a receiver of support at any time. The continuous, strategic provision for a strong and collaborative partnership of individual schools contributes to the success of the whole organisation.

Recognising the value of collaboration and the advantage of a public association, Learn-AT will provide a voice on national issues affecting the Academy Trust and our academies, helping to communicate the Academy Trust’s needs and concerns to those responsible for the funding and regulation of publicly funded schools. Learn-AT is committed to supporting the schools within the Learn-AT family for the benefit of the communities served by the schools. The Trust expects academies to work together in the spirit of fellowship. The Trust and Local Governing Bodies work in partnership, sharing a common mission and drawing on each other’s strengths to overcome weaknesses and respond robustly to challenges.

Learn-AT aims to provide a strong, responsible foundation from which every academy is supported to develop and improve. The Trust Board, supported by its Local Governing Bodies, ensures that Learn-AT operates with integrity and transparency, delivering the best possible learning experiences for all children. 

We are committed to creating a culture that strongly reflects the Trust’s core values: learning and fellowship

Learning is the main thing. We aim to keep the main thing, the main thing and do the right thing, the right way. Together.

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